I currently am resting my arm on my notebook for my college Sociology 1101 class, and my other on my study guide I have prepared for my test tomorrow. And what am I doing at this exact moment, 6/13/17 7:50PM? I am typing this instead of studying for my upcoming test. That is the definition of procrastination.

I used to– stillprocrastinate even when facing a test. It truly is amazing how the human mind will occupy itself with everything but the intended task. Now I don’t want to sound cringy, but my Anatomy and Physiology teacher used to say that “the worst thing that happened to mankind was to be given a brain,” and I can’t help but think he’s right. Imagine the world if we didn’t have a brain: It would be all natural, no war, no pollution, just so many things that could be better, but we would be slaves to our instincts. Our desires would control us.

You may be asking yourself: “Well what does procrastination have to do with high school Isaiah?”

And I’d reply to that with “High school is all about procrastination, just who can do it the least.” Let’s be real for a second here. If you were to ask your #1 student in your class what he does he’d probably answer with a full schedule that doesn’t include goofing off. While someone who is not exactly a stellar student will often say that they do spend a decent amount of time per week goofing off (not doing something productive like watching tv/movies/not doing yours school work etc). I personally probably spent for my sophomore year maybe 30-40 mins doing schoolwork a day and I was #19 in my class, so maybe if I started that freshman year where I basically skipped days of working at home I’d be a higher rank. But I can’t change the past, and the only way is to move forward. And if you still don’t know what this article is about then I’ll give you a tip: procrastination.

=) Have a great day!!!

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