About Me

Hobbies of Mine


      I’m an avid CSGO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) fan and I enjoy playing it very much because as a student in high school it helps relieve stress. It’s also a good way to have fun and get your giggles going. CSGO means something more than that though because I started playing in my freshman year,  I was a lonely kid then, and I still am now a year later.  CSGO became my outlet that I was desperately trying to find, nobody really talked to me except a few friends that went to the same middle school as me, but it just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to sate my human desire for companionship. When I went home everyday CSGO was there and it was something I was good at. I may not have been good at talking to other people, but I could damn sure top frag (be the best player) in every comp (ranked matches) game I played in csgo.



Ahhh. Reading, the backbone of my sanity, the greatest manifestation of human ingenuity, and another one of my hobbies. Reading to me is like food for a dog: it has to be good, but it also has to be well proportioned or else I’ll get lazy. Sometimes when you read too much you just get burnt out and stop for a while. I read probably 40+ books in freshman year, and for my current sophomore year it’s just like what now? But books gave me company when others couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t.

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